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"We love the kitchen and living room area and the bench in the dining room. The appliances are awesome! We absolutely love this home! It is so comfortable, and the rooms are all a good size. We are very happy!!"

Robert & Jacklyn


"We liked everything! Large closets, open space and the kitchen. We shopped all over for our home ...the caring attitude showed toward us brought us back to Bean's Homes."

Larry & Christi


"Our home was love at first sight, but we wouldn't have purchased it if we had not loved the staff."

John & Shanda


"knowing the price up front is one of the other perks of going modular-You can't "accidentally" go over budget or find yourself unable to finish the house"



"We enjoy the openess of the kitchen, dining and living room area. Our windows give us a pleasant view of our natural surroundings. Another plus is all the closet, cupboard & storage space"

Alcide & Marie


"I love the island & kitchen, the openess of the living areaand the high ceilings. I have been very pleased with all interactions with Bean's. I thank you for all your help & guidance.



Bean's has made it very easy to do business with and was very fast getting th ejob done so we could live in our own home very quickly! Our home was like we designed it ourselves but much faster than building!

Cindy & Damon


What we like best about our home is all the etxra space we have so all 5 kids have a place to go now for some privacy, along with us. This is the second home I bought from Bean's because my first experience with them was a good one so you always return to a place that satisfies you. Mark was who I worked with 17 years ago and not only did he remember me and my first home but also worked with me the second time.